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Rebecca E. Crouchman

M.Ed., C.C.C., L.C.T.

(16+ Years)

Rebecca holds a B.A. in Psychology,  as well as an M.Ed  (Masters in Education in Counselling Psychology)  from the University  of New Brunswick.  She is a Licensed Counselling Therapist with CCTNB (College of Counselling Therapists of New Brunswick) and Canadian Certified Counsellor with CCPA (Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association of Canada).


Rebecca has worked as a Therapist for 16+ years in the Saint John area, focusing on Individual, Couples and Family Counselling.  She also currently works as an Intervention Counsellor with Dr. Tunde Apantaku Psychiatry Clinic.  Much of her work  in her private practice and in therapy focuses on:  Mental Health (anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, addictions, adjustment, etc.) with Children  (ages 8 and up), Teens, Young Adult and Adults; Adolescent SAT Therapy (Sexual Abuse and Assault Treatment); Domestic Violence and Trauma Therapy; LBGTQ+;  Parenting and Family Counselling (10yrs with the FIT Team); Group Therapy Facilitation; and as a CIR  Specialist (Crisis Intervention Response); etc.

Specialized areas of training include:  Trauma Therapy; Sexual Abuse Treatment and Sexual Assault Treatment; CIR Specialist (Certification in Crisis Intervention Response Therapy - Extensive Training and experience); Extensive Training and Experience in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT Certificate); Choice Therapy (Certification);  Multi Systemic Family Therapy;  Basic Training in Motivational Interviewing and Dialectical Behaviour Training; Addictions Counselling, Christian Counselling; Career Counselling;    and Mental Health Counselling.  


Please send me a private message to schedule your appointment or ask a question. 

Thank you for contacting Family Matters Counselling Services.

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